Jupiter A Great Get Away


Physical Characteristics

Jupiter has a well known "big red spot" which is actually a hurricane that has been swirling for over 400 years.

Travel Time

At the speed of light it would take 43 minutes

Travel With Rudy Abbey and Aj

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Jupiter's name came from Zeus the God Of Sky and thunder and king of the gods in Roman Religion and Mythology.
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Special Spacesuit

This amazing spacesuit contains fur to stay warm on the minus 234 degree planet. And in the back of this extraordinary spacesuit there is an oxygen tank on half, and the other half is food storage. When you're hungry you hardly have to move, just press the button and the micro-robot gives you food. And when you want to take a break and relax, you just touch the button on your chest and you have a T.V in front of you.

Rockin' Rocket

Enjoy your trip even more in the unique home like interior that holds up to five travelers! You have a T.V, six bunking areas with a full kitchen. The kitchen includes a jumbo fridge, stove,counter and a sink. You can also travel with free WiFi in the rocket ship! Since the planet Jupiter is minus 234 degrees Fahrenheit, the special spaceship includes a fireplace to stay warm!