Camp David Accords

Alexa Jung- Adrian Castro

What is The Camp David Accords?

The Camp David Accords is a two framework agreement signed on September 17th, 1978, made after 13 days of secret negotiations at the president’s country retreat Camp David (Washington D.C). It was signed by Egyptian President Anwar El Sadat and Israekli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, who at first was skeptical about the situation, and witnessed by President Jimmy Carter. The agreement was not easily reached in 13 days, rather it was a long tedious project reached after 14 months of effort from Israel, Egypt and the United States.

The first framework "A Framework for Peace in the Middle East" dealt with the Palestinian territories but had little impact.

The second framework "A Framework for the Conclusion of a Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel" which was directly involved with the 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty.

Due to the reached agreement both Sadat and Begin received the 1978 Nobel Peace Prize.

The details of the agreement were: Israel's withdrawal from the Sinai Peninsula, solve conflict of Palestinian people, Israeli withdrawal from West Bank and Gaza, problems in East Jerusalem (failed), etc.


Anwar El Sadat: President of Egypt

Menachem Begin: Prime Minister of Israel

Jimmy carter: President of the United States

President Jimmy Carter - Remarks on the Camp David Summit
The Camp David Accords