Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment

A spiritual gathering to study the works of Dr David Hawkins

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We meet on the 4th THURSDAY from 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Start your week with enlightenment!

Our gathering will focus around a specific book by Dr. Hawkins, related video lectures, and discussion of the application of his teaching in our lives. All are welcome to attend who have an earnest interest in learning and incorporating these teachings into their lives.

Great People. Great Discussions. Great Fun!

Click here to get the book, LETTING GO

This latest book is the one we are currently discussing. Participants will get a copy of the book SOAR: The 4-Step Instant Freedom Formula

Transcending The Levels of Consciousness

We will begin an in-depth study of the book, LETTING GO, by Dr. David Hawkins. In this book we get a greater understanding of the Map of Consciousness by working through each level, using the surrender method. This book helps us discover what keeps us in a level and what we can do to transcend it. By understanding one's consciousness level, human behavior is entirely predictable. We can be finally free of our blocks, forever.

How To Reach Enlightenment

Thursday, March 23rd, 6:30-8:30pm

13671 Ruette Le Parc, , Del Mar, CA, United States

We are just off I-5 and Del Mar Heights Road, just west of the interstate at Portofino. Call or text if you get lost: 561.779.0000.
Dr. Hawkins answers: What Is The Spiritual Ego

Contact The Group Organizer

Hi...I am Koni Scavella. The meetings are casual, with a small loving group in Del Mar, CA. Please bring your book or Kindle if you have one. If not, we can share. Books are available here or you can buy Letting Go and SOAR on Amazon
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