Harry Potter

Movie review

Harry Potter- By : Yonatanh Halfon Classs H2

Short summary

Harry Potter Parents Died While he was a baby because-

Voldemort Was an evil wizard Harry Potter's parents took actions that saved her family.

Voldemort was not feeling well and understands that he has to kill Harry's parents.

When Voldemort killed his parents of Harry Potter half my soul Voldemort taken Harry Potter. The castle Harry Potter studied was started to collapse slowly, Voldemort wanted the soul of Harry so he threatened that if Harry had not come to him (the forest near the castle of Harry learned to come) he will destroy the castle and kill everyone until Harry Potter ... it turns out Harry Potter came to him but Harry got strong forces from the staff did not die after the curse "Brad Kadbrh" (Meaning death).

Finally, Harry Potter killed Voldemort and his friends fled. The end


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My personal opinion about the film

Harry Potter film is the best film that I think intent that stress has a feeling there are many things in the movie that shone Potter and other movies.