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Term 4 - Week 3, 3rd November 2022

Kia ora e te whānau

On Wednesday 9th November at 5.30pm we will be having a Whānau Hui in the staffroom to share information regarding the establishment of bilingual classes in 2023. Our staff are very excited that we are able to offer this option for our tamariki and whānau. We are at the stage now that we need the commitment from our whānau who would like their tamariki in a bilingual class. Thank you to those of you who have already done this by completing a parental request form or contacting me personally. We are fortunate to have the support of our Kahui Ako schools who already have well established units who will join us for the hui.

A reminder that the parental request forms for 2023 are available at the school office. These close at the end of next week on the 11th November. I encourage you to get in early and put a request in during this time. In the next few weeks our staff will be making up the classes for next year and your request will be considered while we are doing this.

Last week I let you know that our teachers will have Paid Union Meetings on Tuesday 22nd November. All of our teachers who are NZEI members will be attending a meeting on Tuesday afternoon at 1.30pm. We are asking you to collect your children from school at 1.00pm that day. If you are unable to take your child home we will have supervision available at school.

Lastly, we have had a number of our tamariki needing to be sent home during the day with a tummy bug which is going around at the moment. Please keep your child home if they are unwell. This will help to reduce the spread of this nasty bug. Your help with this is greatly appreciated.

Ngā mihi nui

Sarah Thompson

Principal's Awards

Principal's Awards Awarded to students making exceptional effort and or achievement at school, therefore deserving of acknowledgement and recognition. Students will be presented with their awards on Friday 11th November 2022.
Pukehangi Team

A6: Lincoln Kiff for having a diligent attitude towards his learning this term. Lincoln shows persistence during writing time and can add interesting details to his ideas. He is very enthusiastic to learn new sight words and spelling patterns and this has also supported his positive progress in both reading and writing. Mrs Kiel is very proud of you! Keep up the winning attitude!

B1: Rilan Kiel-Roil, It has been fantastic to have you join our class. You are showing all of the school values. You have a great attitude and give everything your best try. I have loved reading your writing and seeing the effort you have been putting in. Keep it up!

C6: Ezra Te Kira-Nicholls for consistently showing the Glenholme School values. Ezra is diligent and always tries his best in his learning. He has been trying hard to sound out and blend new words in his reading books. Ka pai to mahi Ezra, keep up the hard mahi.

C7: Dean Aranjuez for being a delightful dancer. Dean learnt the steps well for C7's dance in the school production. He even learnt dance moves from other class dances. Dean has also shown great energy and enthusiasm during Kapa Haka performances at school assemblies. Dean is a friendly, caring, keen class member. Keep up your wonderful efforts, Dean. We love having you in C7.

C9: Engu Sagato for the progress he is making in Reading. Engu has been working hard on sounding out the letters in words, then blending them together to help him read new words in his books. It is great to see that you know how to read and write several basic words too. Mako Rai, Engu.

Tihiōtonga Team

B3: Aalylah Nooana for having a cheerful and positive attitude towards school. Aalylah starts each day with a smile and is eager to share her news and engage with her classmates and teachers. She is respectful to others and always strives to do her best. Keep up the fantastic attitude and effort Aalylah, you are a super role model in B3!! Tino pai!!

B4: Addisyn Paget is a polite and respectful member of the class. She is becoming more of a risk taker who understands the importance of staying focused until a task is completed, and having the courage to make mistakes. Your positive attitude to your learning makes it a pleasure to have you in the class. Tu meke Addisyn!!

B5: Aahaan Singh for being a B5 superstar. Aahaan is a pleasure to have in the class. He always tries his best and presents his work beautifully. He is also a wonderful role model during our class waiata and haka. I can always count on him to be in the right place at the right time. Keep up the excellent effort Aahaan.

B7: Kaea Topp-Rua always comes to school with a positive attitude towards her learning and always tries her best. Kaea receives this award for being a Self Regulator and Collaborator. Kaea has good management skills and is able to stay focused on the task at hand. Pai rawa atu to mahi Kaea Te Huirangi.

Whakapoungakau Team

A1: Tony-Jesse Rapana-Isaac for being an exceptional A1 Learner. He has shown great determination to complete work to a high standard. He has also been showing that he is reliable by covering extra Road Patrol when others are unable to complete their duty. Tony-Jesse is a wonderful Role-Model for A1. A1 is very lucky to have youl. Ka pai o mahi Tony-Jesse, Keep up the awesome work!

A2: Turongoihi Manihera-Hepi for showing dedication to his learning by focusing hard on the task at hand. He has been working hard on his spelling and handwriting and has made very good progress. He has a wonderful and positive attitude and tries his very best every day. His happy and energetic nature is a pleasure to have in A2, ka rawe Turongoihi!

A3: Ashley Crengle for her enthusiasm to take charge of her own learning. She shows a high level of pride in the work she produces and is a fantastic role model for Glenholme school. Ashley is always willing to help others including peers and teachers. She takes risks by giving things a go and encourages her peers to do the same. Ka mau te wehi Ashley, we love having a respectful, hard working student in A3.

A4: Dhanush Kaki is a diligent member of A4! He has worked hard to show a positive attitude towards his learning in all areas and understands his responsibility for his learning. He demonstrates excellence and respect well by always striving to reach his goals. In particular, he has demonstrated great progress in writing. He consistently perseveres with his learning! Keke ana haere ki a koe Dhanush!

A5: Declan Vakaj is an excellent A5 learner, friend, and Young Leader. He has made impressive progress in Writing, writing pieces that never fail to show his personal voice and personality. He is helpful, funny, trustworthy, and responsible and A5 loves having him as part of their learning community. You really are fantastic Declan, keep up the great work.

Parental Request Forms

Parental Request Forms for 2023 Placements are available from the school office. · We invite parents to comment on the child’s learning needs, special interests/bilingual class or abilities and other aspects regarding their placement for 2023. · If you have any additional information regarding your child’s 2023 placement that you would like Glenholme School to consider, please provide additional information in a letter addressed to Molly Norton – Deputy Principal, Glenholme School. · These forms are available from the school office. They are due back to the school office by Friday 11th of November. · Please note that requesting a specific staff member is not always advantageous for your child, as staff changes are expected.

School Hats

School sun hats for sale from office for $16.00. Please name your students hat, a laundry marker pen is available at the school office if your child/s hat is not named.

Phone Messages to Students

As we are heading in to a very busy time in the school office can parents/caregivers please limit messages to students for after school pickups and activities to a very minimum. Please keep messages for students in an emergency only situation, let students know before school who is picking them up and/or any organisation for after school.

Your consideration is greatly appreciated.

Five Year Old New Entrant Pre–Enrolments

Glenholme School welcomes new arrivals to the school. Parents of students who live within the home zone and intend enrolling their child at any time during the year should notify the school to assist the school to plan appropriately for the next terms. We would like to encourage parents to contact Mrs Molly Norton (Deputy Principal) to confirm future student enrolments. To help determine future classroom placements, it is vital that the school has as much information as possible about future students. Enrolment forms are available at the school office or you can contact Mrs Norton Deputy Principal 348-1489 ext 203 or email Glenholme School.

A1 Artwork

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Up and Coming Events

Term Dates 2022

Term 4: 17th October - 15th December

Term 4

Wednesday 9th November - Whakapoungakau Marae Visit

Wednesday 9th November - Whānau Hui in School Staffroom 5.30pm - 6.30pm

Thursday 10th November - Pukehangi Team Marae Visit

Thursday 10th November - Young Leaders Reward Trip to Rainbow's End

Friday 11th November - 2023 Parent Request Forms Close

Friday 11th November - 9.15 School Assembly

Tuesday 15th November - Whakapoungakau & Tihiōtonga Athletics Day

Wednesday 16th November - Pukehangi Athletics Day

Monday 21st November - Year 5/6 Making the Difference Swimming Programme

Tuesday 22nd November - Rotorua Teachers United Paid Union Meeting


Friday 25th November - Final normal School Assembly

Wednesday 30th November - Central Bay of Plenty Athletics

Thursday 1st December - Whole School Magic Show - Eat Right Be Right

Thursday 8th December - Tihiōtonga Fun Day

Friday 9th December - Whakapoungakau Fun Day

Monday 12th December 9.30am Pukehangi Team Awards Ceremony

Wednesday 14th December 11.30 Tihiōtonga and Whakapoungakau Teams Award Ceremony

Thursday 15th December - Last day of Term 4 closing at 12.30pm

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