By: Gabrielle Shook

Who discovered FIbromyalgia?

Many doctors took part in the finding of fibromyalgia.
One doctor stuck out in the discovery of fibromyalgia.
His name was Sir William Gowers and he introduced
the term fibrositis, which means inflammation of the

Who's doing research? What's the current status of research for Fibro?

Many research studies are being conducted all around the world. One specific study is being done by Muhammad Yunus, MD. He found genes that are all the same in the HLA region in his research study. Studies are still being done with other areas and how the brain handles the pain they go through.
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More Information about the Inheritance of Fibromyalgia

Fibro is not usual passed from parent to child. Often, it will occur in clusters in generations later. The gene type that must turn on in the carrier is called a monogenic gene. It is the same genes that determine your eye and hair color. It is a normal inheritance but commonly doesn't get diagnosed. It is not a mutation but just a trait that may or may not happen.
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