Browns Biography

By Alex Brown

Maris My Maris

I would like to dedicate this newsletter to my dependable and loving Maris. Maris was my babysitter in my early years, but as time progressed she became more than that. Maris has been with me my whole life, from the time I was born, to the time of her own marriage. She has taught me about as many life lesson's that I can think of. She has helped with coloring homework to complicated math. As one of the loves of my life Maris deserves to be recognized.

My Appearence in Words

My face is like a soft pillow that has been washed with the softest detergent.

My eyes are like the greenish blue waves that crash apon the sand

My ears are the pinacle of all sounds

My body is one of a kind

My heart holds stress and love that is purple as a lushious flower blowing in the wind

I live in a ice rink

and eat hockey pucks

The Language of Love

Love, Love is not filled with despair

Love, Love it is every where

Love, Love it is in our hearts

Love, Love is like art

Love, Love it can always be found

Love, Love a king is never crowned

Love, Love is a broken heart

Love, Love can be torn apart

Love, Love is in the air

Love, Love never hibernates like a bear

Heart, Heart is in the air

Heart, Heart is everywhere

Heart, heart is not filled with despair

Heart, Heart never hibernates like a bear

Heart, Heart is always there

Heart, Heart is anywhere

Heart, Heart a body part

Heart, Heart it can never be torn apart

Heart, Heart filled with love

Heart, Heart smooth like a dove.

Happiness Inside of Me

Happiness is a cold carbonated drink leaving a burning sensation apon your taste buds

Happiness is a crisp summer morning listening to just the wind blowing in you ears

Happiness is the distinct sound made with the contact of a tennis ball and racket

Happiness is the sound of wrapping paper ripping that rings in your ears

Happiness is words spoken by a minister on a cold sunday morning

Happiness is words on paper flowing like a calm slow river.

Happiness is when the smell of pancakes slowly make their way up to your nostrills

Happiness is when sticky marsh mellows seep through you fingers leaving a mess strewn apon your hands

Happiness is the sounds of freedom that fireworks bring on the fourth of july

Happiness is the kiss goodnight by your parents after a long summer day wishing you good dreams

Words Of Great Wisdom

"Don't Cry because it's over, smile because it happened."


This quote connects to me because of my personality. It revolves around the notionet of being appreciative. This quote came into view when I went to Lake Placid for a hockey tournement. We had just finished our final game and after heading out of the rink we went to the car to head home. As I drove passed the landmarks of Lake Placid, tears started to form in my eyes due to the sadness that came from leaving this magical place. After I had experienced that situation,I learned to embrace every moment of my life because life is short and every seconed is one to cherish

Screeching their way into my life

The Screech Owls Mystery at Lake Placid by Roy MacGregor was one of the most exhillarating books I had ever read. The characters and plot drew me into the story more and more. This book really caught my attention because of the title. I could connect to the title because I had been to Lake Placid before and it was also for a hockey tournament. In this book a hockey team from Canada, The Screech Owls, are playing in a hockey tournament in Lake Placid, New York. In this book there are many characters because all of these people are from the team. The conflict of the story is that the Screech Owls are being sabatoshed by another team. There are many catastrophic moments that happen to the Screech Owls. One of the problems are when the Screech Owls first go to sleep at their hotel, someone has a party keeping a certain part of the hotel awake. Low and behold the Star player of the team, Sarah, was in that section. This causes Sarah to have a bad game the next morning against the best team because the lack of sleep she got. There are many other situations that happen to the Screech Owls during this trip. The climax of the story is when the teams smartest kid hooks up a camera in the locker room to keep an eye on the teams equipment. Although the camera is there to catch the crook, is gets no data on what this person looks like. The Screech Owls are still trying to solve this Mystery at Lake Placid,but the question is, but who and why?

Words and Emotions

The Middle School is a place I will not forget. It is a place where many memories are made, whether it is in the classroom or on the field. There Is one moment that I will never forget. This is the time I turned my words in to my emotions. The situation begins on a warm Grandparents day. The day progressed as we went from class to class seeing which activity was in store for us next. With my Maris in hand we waltzed through the hallway into Mr.Childs room. Mr.Childs greeted both Maris and I, with great care and then told us to take a seat next to each other. This week Mr.Childs had empahasized the fact that we were going to share our odes that Friday to our Grandparents and Friends. I knew from the gectgo that my ode would be a great one to share with Maris in the audience. Mr.Childs then talked to the class and others about our everyday ciriculum. After he was done talking we started to present. The first person up was Spencer, and I knew that his odes were on his favorite thing, baseball. As Spencer eloquently read his piece I was preparing for mine. Many ideas popped into my head, but I could not figure out one main idea before Spencer finished. As the last syllable bursted from his mouth I stood up to get my paper from Mr.Childs. I introduced myself to everyone and told them about my piece. My piece was on Maris and how great of a person she is and how I love her. Before I spoke I took a deep breath. As I looked at Maris and then my paper I could not seem to find words, never the less read them off my paper. My last intention of that moment was to cry ,but before I could even blurt out the first syllable, I bursted into tears. As Mr.Childs calmed me down I felt as if a warm blanket was covering me and protecting me from this horror. Mr.Childs came to my rescue by reading my poem himself. As the words flowed out of Mr.Childs mouth I looked at Maris and saw that not only I was emotional, but she was too. This was a memorable moment for me because Maris is very special to me and to see her emotions about my words had a huge effect on me.