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Similarities Between Scottsboro and Tom Robinson's Case

There are quite a few similarities to the case of the Scottsboro boys and Tom Robinson. They were accused of rape, the arrests were based only on the word of white women, and the women were trying to get rid of the blame. The Scottsboro boys and Tom were both found guilty. One of the boys was also shot, like Tom Robinson. Both of the trials were in Alabama. Two well liked men went against the judgement of their communities and went with what they thought was right. There was also one of the best lawyers around in both cases.

Differences between Tom Robinson's trial and the Scottsboro trial

There's many differences between the Tom Robinson trial and the Scottsboro trial. One of them is that there were nine boys. Another one of the differences is that the trial with Tom Robinson did not get appealed, and Tom Robinson was killed by his gunshot wounds. Scottsboro was an actual town, and not a made up one. There were two women who were "raped". Mayella was not on a train. Tom Robinson was also compared to a mockingbird, while the Scottsboro boys were not.