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Issue #5 Friday, November 2, 2018

The following is a true story from a Lakeville second grade classroom:

A second grade boy told his teacher that he was seven years old. The teacher asked when he would turn 8 and he said, "I'm not eight yet. My birthday is a long way away. It's like 100 miles away!"
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Classroom Noise Level Management Idea

Here's an idea that we saw in a second grade classroom. The teacher installed a door bell ringer in her class (it just plugs into any outlet) that she can chime via a remote control. She lets the kids know that when they hear the chime, it means they need to bring their volume and voices down. The genius part is that while she's running a guided reading group, she just needs to push a button on her remote control. She doesn't need to stop her lesson and address the class. She also uses it to signal the class that it's time to rotate to a new station.

What should I be working on for TDE?

All teachers should have met with their administrators for their one to one meeting to review task 1 from your efolio and this task should have been saved and submitted. Once your administrator has electronically signed the task and sent it back to you for your electronic signature, it will then appear in your "History" tab in TalentEd. At this point, you should not see task 1 or 2 in your task list any longer.

Year 1 and 2

Complete first observation with IDSS Coach by winter break - including pre/post conferences and reflection in e-folio; remember to refer to the rubric to cover all areas in your reflection.

Observe and reflect on your takeaways from observing a colleague-this reflection is completed in the second box inside the Peer Feedback Reflection section. You are responding to the prompt of "What did you learn from observing another colleague that can be applied to your own professional practice?"

Year 3

Complete first observation and pre/post observation questions and submit.

Year 3 = 2x with administrator - Q2 & Q3

Probationary = 3x with administrator - Q1, Q2 & Q3

Coming Soon: Your Instructional Coach will be sending you a tip sheet

regarding the reflection of your PLC.

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Benchmark News

Benchmark provides assessments that can be used as grade level common formative and summative assessments. In order to ensure that they are common, be sure to discuss with your grade level if you are giving the online version or the hard copy version (the questions are different, although you can find both versions online), and whether you are reading the assessment aloud to your classes, or asking them to take it independently.

As always, let us know if we can be of any assistance with this process!

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