The new fast transport project of Elon Musk

What is it Hyperloop?

Hyperloop is a high-speed transport process proposed by Elon Musk, inventor and founder of PayPal, Tesla Motors, SpaceX and SolarCity.

The Hyperloop is an alternative to: boats, planes, cars and trains. The system would be able to travel from the city center of Los Angeles to the city center of San Francisco in less than 35 minutes, 563 km over 1100 km/h.

I have chosen this topic because if it is achieved can become a great find and great business transport.

Hyperloop Project Presentation


One advantage of Hyperloop is the great speed that cn move from one place to another. It is important because less time spent to travel, you can enjoy more the site where you travel.

Everybody knows that what we all want is to enjoy where we are going, more than the journey, we take the journey because there isn't more choice.

Today a flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a plane you spent 1 hour. What a difference, no?


On other hand, one disavantage of Hyperloop is that in case there is an accident, at that high speed in a compressed dome can cause a large explosion that not only affect passengers, also can affect the environment around.

Another disavantage is that you don't see the landscape that you pass, so the journey can be boring. Although they are thnking of replace it with video screens.

Approximate release date in 2020

My opinion

To sum up, I think that this project has a future, could come to be created, but if they doesn't look well at the security issue, can become very dangerous