KB Newsletter

November 2015 - Issue 2

Important Dates to Remember

11/3: Superintendent's Conference Day - no school

11/6: First Friday Spirit Day - wear your Milton Wear

11/11: Veteran's Day - no school

11/16: K/1 Thanksgiving Feast - students only

11/17: Open House 9:00 - 11:00

11/25: Thanksgiving Concert 9:00; 12:00 dismissal

11/26, 11/27: Thanksgiving recess - no school

Language Arts

The children are continuing to grow as readers and writers. In Reading Workshop, we have been practicing identifying whether a book is fiction or non-fiction. We have read many emergent story books like The Three Billy Goats Gruff and The Carrot Seed and have practiced using language we remember and the illustrations to retell the story.

In Fundations, we are progressing through the first unit. We have learned the letter sounds for t, b, f, m, n, i, r, d, s, e, u, o, and g as well as how to recognize and form these letters. The children are able to identify the beginning sound in a word as well as the ending sound. Some children may even hear the medial sounds. When reading or writing have your child tell you the sounds he or she hears in a word. If he or she is drawing a picture, have your child label it!

Your child has brought home a word ring to which we will be adding sight words. These are words that your child needs to memorize. Practice these words at home regularly to help your child remember them. Try finding the sight words while reading together or in places around the house! If there are additional words you would like to add to your child's ring, please feel free to do so.


In math, we are working on recognizing five groups in numbers greater than five. We also have been telling addition and subtraction stories to help us understand equations. During our daily Calendar Concepts time following Morning Meeting, we have been practicing our math routines of counting the days in school and skip counting by 2s, 5s and 10s.


We are almost done with our first unit of Science 21. We have been exploring our five senses and how we can use them like scientists to learn about the world. We are eagerly awaiting the opening of our class "Mystery Box," which we have been observing. Soon we will know if our predictions were correct!

Social Studies - Family

Our November thematic unit is all about family. Keep your eye out for a letter coming home soon about our family tree project.

Apple Tree Poem - password is "milton"


  • Please send in a comfortable set of earphones/earbuds for your child to keep in our classroom. We will soon be using the iPad cart and each child will need his or her own set. I will send them back at the end of the year.
  • Please send in a healthy snack each day.
  • I will be sending home your child’s change of clothes soon. Please exchange this spare set of clothes for a warm set of clothes to keep in the classroom during the winter months.

  • Be sure to check out my teacher page (tinyurl.com/KB1516) for curriculum links and updates.

Things to Do at Home

  • Practice recognizing letters and reciting the letter sounds aloud
  • Have your child show you how they stretch out the parts of a word
  • While drawing pictures, have your child label what he or she made
  • Tell and solve family math stories (ex. "There were three children at the table, and 2 adults came to join. How many people were at the table all together?")