Economic Mini Project

By Cameron Baucum


Peru is one of the worlds largest Coca bean producers. It has a free market economy in the whole country over all, and jobs are slightly unstable in most of it. In some remote mountainous areas, it's a traditional economy, and there are small villages with very traditional economies with stable jobs that mostly rely on farming. One advantage to living in Peru would be the stable jobs, but a disadvantage is the jobs are usually only handed down.


Germany is a Mixed economy. It is on of the world's largest industrially advanced economies in history, and one of the world's largest car producers. Throughout the whole country, there are large cities and smaller villages, used for farming. One advantage to living in Germany is the Economy is free from most Government involvement, but a disadvantage is the jobs aren't always so stable.


Cuba is a Command Economy. It is an island off of North America. It being a command economy, there is little to no choice in purchases. The government decides how you live, what you buy, and how much you buy it. An advantage to living in Cuba is you always know what you're gonna get, and a disadvantage is there is no freedom whatsoever.