City Robot Tutoring

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We tutor every age at any time!(Except Sundays)

We are open 5:00 am - 9:00 pm

What we have done!

(Day 1) On the first day we will start with English. So we can learn all the grammar and spelling you need to know. We will program the robots which are the tutors to help you with anything you need in English.

(Day 2) On the second day we will program them to help with the most important subjects. Math and science. We chose these subjects because when growing up you have to know a lot of math!

(Day 3) one the day three we will start to learn reading. We will program all the robots to help you with reading. They would also help you by reading the story to you.

(Day 4) The final day we will do health ed. Because everybody needs to know how to save people and know what to do as well. This is what we will do in the 4 days of our business. Thank you for your time.

Guranteed to be the best tutoring lessons ever!

Frequently Asked Questions

What ages do we take?

We take all ages that want/need to learn some knowledge!!!