Thursday's Thoughts

December 15, 2017

A New Staff Member

Our new custodian started today. His name is Ethan and he is from China. He has been in the United States since June. He has a BS degree in Design from China and trained children in figure skating. He and his wife, Amanda, are expecting their first child. Ethan is learning English, and knows a little right now. Please talk with your children and let them know that he doesn't know a lot of English right now. Many of the students were speaking to him today, and he was unsure of what they were saying. Maureen speaks Chinese, so she can teach us a few words and phrases, and we can teach the kids so that they can talk to him.

Ethan will be on the main hallway, and Darlene will be moving to the 4th/5th grade hallway. I know you will make him feel welcome!

The Reading Garden

Beth Moore sent you a link last week about a contest that could potentially allow us to win $10,00 for our reading garden. Please click on the link below. You will then need to click on Contest and follow the directions to register. Be sure you register for Cedar Grove and not Grove Elementary. You will need to go on each day to vote for our school. Put a sticky note on your computer to remind you! Please don't forget! Let's go get that $10,000!

Happy New Year's Celebration

Please remember to be thinking of plans for Jan. 3rd. Please dress your best! Remember we will have a New Year's celebration for grades K4-2 and 3-5 in the cafeteria in the morning of the 3rd. While planning for the week we return, really think through goals for each child gearing them toward individual academic needs. Please make this a big deal in the classroom as January-May is a very important time to get our students ready for the next grade and state testing. We want to do all that we can to keep them focused.


As you plan for writing in January, remember to follow the CGE writing plan. The upper grades will begin and/or continue work on TDA as the younger grades continue with correct sentence formation, spacing, handwriting, correct usage of paper, and writing on a given topic. We still need to get writing samples from K5, 4th, and 5th. Matt and I will schedule a time with you when we return in January to come in and work with your students to get this sample.


Our RTI process is new this year. Remember that the purpose of our RTI meetings is to bring more than one head together to try to come up with strategies to help our struggling learners. Please make sure that you are particularly paying close attention to reading records, writing samples, and authentic math assessments of students who you are most concerned about. These are the work samples that will give us the most information in coming up with ideas and strategies. After you meet with the RTI team, you will leave with a copy of what was discussed. Please make sure you are following the strategies so that we can correctly progress monitor students. If you have concerns about the strategies not being implemented, please let me know. The next RTI meetings will be in January.

Christmas parties will begin at 1:30 tomorrow. Please have a sign out sheet in your rooms.

Reading Intervention for grades 4 & 5

We will have a new reading interventionist join us in January. Mrs. Sandy Lesley will be here Monday-Thursday until 10:30 to work with our 4th and 5th graders. She will be located in the second computer lab on the 4th/5th grade hallway. She is very excited about being here, and we are thankful to have her help our students.


Please remind your students to check the coat rack tomorrow. We will be bagging up all coats before January 3rd.

4th and 5th Grades

Our custodians are going to do some work on your floors over the holiday. Please put as much furniture on your rug as you can tomorrow before leaving. Make sure all chairs are up and any thing that you can get off of the floor is up on cabinets. The more you have up, the more they can get underneath and clean well.

Please tell students to dress up when returning on Jan. 3rd. We will also make an announcement.