Taoism Vs. Confucianism

What if are government was based on Confucianism

Confucianism is based on human conduct over belief in God. One thing that would be a lot different would be how we treat each other. They believe strongly in Filial piety which is the belief in virtue or respect for ones elders and ancestors.

How would an Asian family be influenced by Confucianism

An Asian family would be influenced by how they act and and treat others. They would be very caring and Generous towards others.

Are Taoist principles relevant to the issues to everyday life today

No because Taoist believe that the world would fix problems by its self. For example they would do nothing about Global warming, or world hunger because they thought the world would fix its self.

How they are they connected

Taoism believes in naturalness, spontaneity, simplicity, detachment from desires, and Wu wei. Confucianism believes in Humanistic. Something they both have in common is that they believe in others are more important than your self. If the two beliefs were combined into one they would probably believe in detachment from desires, the golden rule,