Ms. Felton's Course Updates

Business Communication & Presentation AB Vol 5

Grades Updated

Grades have been updated so email me if you have any questions or concerns about your grades. Remember you have until Friday, April 25th to submit late work for partial credit. See image late work policy in syllabus (10% deduction each day).

In addition, there are only 3 more weeks left this semester so please do not get weary and start slacking off now! Let's finish the semester strong and with the grade you want!

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Final Exams May 7 @ 12AM to May 8 @ 11:59 PM

Please prepare by reviewing your content and taking the Practice Final Exam. You are allowed 2 attempts on the practice exam.

This practice will be open until Tuesday, May 6, 2014 8:00 PM. Use that information to let you know what modules you need to go back and study the most.

You may earn 2 points to add to any test by completing both practice exams.

Top 2: Review Game to Replace 1 Quiz or Project from Module 11-15

The top 2 for quizzes 11-15 is here. The same procedures apply so click the link below for directions for the review game in Newsletter Vol 3.

The deadline is May 2nd.

Quiz 11: Digital Literacy and Copyright

Page 3– Content, Contact, & Conduct Risk

Page 3– Digital Footprint

Quiz 12: Digital Media - Pictures and Graphics

Page 2– Taking Basic Pictures, Lighting

Page 2– Taking Basic Pictures, Rule of Thirds

Quiz 13: Digital Media - Videos and Animation

Page 2– When to Use Which Camera Angle

Quiz 14: Digital Media - Hardware and Software

Page 2 –Camera Equipment

Page 3 –Video Equipment

Quiz 15: Digital Media - Planning Strategies

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