Pine Class News Update

May 1st, 2015


This week we explored the neighborhood, did observations, and had some great opportunities to interact with art.

A Special Visit from a Real Artist!

The Pines were very lucky to have a visit from Manuel, a family friend of Max. Manuel, who now lives in Paris, told us about teaching painting at Pratt, talked about how he chooses objects to paint, how events help inspire his paintings, and the idea that he feels best when he does some painting or drawing every day. He brought several wonderful paintings for us to look at including one he'd made for Max! After his visit several children chose to paint and draw during exploration time.

Ask your Pine...

-What did you learn from Manuel about art?

-Do you paint or draw everyday? How do you feel when you do?

Later in the week Manuel came with us to Moma! What a treat.

Big image

Speaking of Treats...

Rhubarb Pie! Wowee! Something new for many of the Pines, the strawberry rhubarb pie made by Ames' mom, Elizabeth was a hit. Check-out last week's Farm Stand Newsletter for the recipe!

Thanks Ames for suggesting this recipe, Elizabeth for the baking, and Gerad for dropping of the treat. What a team.

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Compass Farm Stand - Run by Kids!

Thanks to all the parents who volunteered to help out! If you're interested in joining in during the coming weeks that would be great. It's a lot of fun!

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Extra produce dropped off at the soup kitchen down the street

Thanks to Rapha's mom, Kelsey for helping to drop off the extra produce this week since we were on our field trip!

If anyone is available to help dropping off produce this coming Wednesday or Thursday please let us know! It would be great if a small group of kids wanted to do it with a couple of parents. We've got half days (Wed, Thurs, Fri) so won't be able to fit it in the school day. Let us know if you'd be interested in doing this.

Eco Fair Product Making!

The Pines have been busy making things for our own Compass Store at the Eco fair!

If anyone has time to come in and help with things like glue guns during Exploration this week please let Anna know!

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Compass Eco Fair Help Needed!

This is going to be a really great event out in the yard by Camel Park. Help organize the Eco Fair on June 6, 2015. All you need to do is sign up to organize a station. Managing a station means sourcing donations or helping us purchase materials and setting it up at the event.

For example, we still need leaders to organize the:

- bake sale

- compass store

- growing station

- painting station

- food vendors

If you are interested in making this exciting event happen, please sign up here:

Pine writing is growing stronger!

We had another wonderful art museum visit: MoMa

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Back at school we reflected on what we saw and learned and made our own creations...


Look in the blue folder! Enjoy! :-)

Exploration time visitors!

Thanks for coming in! We love having family members join us during Exploration time to lead an activity or to join in on some things already going on in the room. It's an exciting part of our day! Please see the volunteer sign-up link below:

Doubles and Making Ten

We are really working on our making tens and doubles games and have introduced a couple of new games lately. The Pines have decided that these are things we should "know in a snap"! Ask your Pine a few doubles - 3+3 =? or a challenge 10+10=. How many ways can you make ten? (5+5, 4+6 etc...)
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Reading Bag Reminder

Please remember to encourage your child to read for 20 minutes each evening. The books in their bag are on a level that they should be able to read on their own, but it's great if they can read to you!

Please remember that the bags need to come back to school EVERYDAY! They are a major part of our reading instruction each day both for full class reading time and small group instruction. Help to make this part of your child's daily routine. It's not your responsibility - it's theirs! :-)

Rhurbarb on our minds...

Special thanks to Eva and family for bringing us a huge pile of Rhubarb to sell at our farm stand. It came straight from their own garden! It was the first thing to sell out! Yay for local produce and knowing where our food comes from!