Canada 2060

How will Canada looks in 2060


In this report i will be introducing you to a current situation in Canada. We are wondering how this country would look like in the year of 2060. I will also be explaining how Canada look's in it's current stage. How will the demography change? The affects on birth rates, death rates and its population.

Demography of Canadian Immigration

  • Immigrants in Canada come at a average rate of 250,000 people per year.
  • 51% of people in Canada choose to settle in cities such as Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver
  • Canada receive many sorts of immigrants such as students, family immigrant, economic immigrants, and refugees
  • Canada's population in 2012 was 34.9 million people. In the year 2015 Canada increased its population to be 35.7 million people..
  • Aboriginals people in Canada total at 1.4 million (4.3%) people in Canada's population.

Canada's population had a major increase in the years of 1951 and 2001, in those 50 year it nearly doubled its population. If the population goes on to increase like this we would have a high growth rate and highly populated country. In the history of immigration in Canada since the start the its population always increase, so the population, has a great chance it will most likely increase by the year 2060 but rather gradually slow.

Canada's population has grown has grown in a stably manner in these recent years, going from 30.7 million in 2000 to 35.16 million in 2015. Canada's growth rate has also been growing in a stably too. Its annual growth rate is 1.2% every year. Which is a fair amount. So i predict that by the year 2060 the birth rate will increase but at a slow rate.

Canada's birth rate is 1.61 which is really high but the infant mortality rate is 4.71 which is also high. So i think that there will not be as much babies in Canada's future because of our high infant mortality rates but for the many past year there seemed to be a lot of babies. I also think that Canada's will be more advanced with there technology and medicine which can help decrease Canada's infant mortality rate. Also because the are many immigrant coming from all around the world to Canada so i think we can receive many ideas from many intelligent minds. So i still think Canada will increase it s population by the year 2060.

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A Brighter Future - Journey to Canada: Stories of Refugees
In this the video it is showing the population of the different type of immigrant Canada is receiving. It is also showing how Okach is not just helping family he is also helping Canada by trying to become a nurse. Near the end of the video it is giving us a general view on Canada's immigration process and how Canada help many lives.

Mohamed Areys

Canada in 2060 by Mohamed Areys


To conclude all that we have shared i think in the year 2060 I

think Canada will become a great placed with a lot of multi

culture it will have a big population and a big impacted on many

countries. Thanks again and make sure to come to Canada

because it's better than anywhere.