Switzerland- Middle Earth?

Is Switzerland a good Middle earth? Find out why!

What is Switzerland?

Switzerland is a cultural melting pot filled with opportunities to have an adventure. It has swooping, lush terrain and unforgiving mountains; meadows filled with varieties of flowers and sparkling streams that dance with fish. The people of Switzerland speak four languages- mainly German. They eat food that springs from long, cold winters and intensive summers, such as cheese fondue and Zopf, a type of bread. Switzerland is well known for its folk music; however, pop and rock music are also very popular in Switzerland.

Middle Earth

I think Switzerland would be a good Middle Earth as it has the right terrain; craggy mountains and green meadows. As said in the first chapter of the Hobbit, many Hobbits lived in hills. Switzerland happens to have many slopes all around. Many times, the Hobbit mentions it being cold up in the mountains. In Switzerland, the temperature can drop to below zero degrees Fahrenheit. However, it also has bright and sunny grasslands and dark forests.. These would be where the elves and Beorn lived.

Pictures of Switzerland

Why Switzerland is Middle Earth

  • Many countries resemble Middle Earth, but I think Switzerland resembles it most. Switzerland is an incredible beautiful country. However, since many other countries have the same mountains and rivers, it is hard to choose. Switzerland does have something other countries don't in similarity to Middle Earth; culture. Switzerland has almost the same culture as those of Middle Earth- they live in flat, dusty houses, they listen to folk music. In some parts, they even eat the same types of food! This is why Switzerland is a good Middle Earth, and other people's opinions are irrelevant.

See; in the picture, the people look like Hobbits.


In conclusion, Switzerland is the best Middle Earth. Not only does it have the right terrain, with mountains and swooping hills, but it has the culture to match.
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