Complete life at Hanging Gardens

The fulfilling and complete life at the Hanging Gardens

The fulfilling and complete life at the Hanging Gardens

I had just returned from a visit to these apartments for sale in Bangalore called the Hanging Gardens a couple of months ago, and clearly recall being in a rather bitter-sweet mood that evening. My dear friend had booked a 3 BHK here, and I accompanied him to check it out. As I explained to my wife, I was indeed happy for him, but I did feel that my own lifestyle felt all the more inadequate in comparison.

I couldn’t shake this feeling, and it lingered for a fair few days after that. Unable to take it anymore, I broached the subject of buying a home at the Hanging Gardens to my wife. Being of a rather cautious temperament, she suggested that we take a close look at our finances before we did any such thing. A few short days later, we had got the all-clear, and we were in a position to purchase one of the superb 3BHK flats for sale in Hebbal at the Hanging Gardens! I was instantly overjoyed at the prospect, and so was my wife!

Now, the fabulous amenities that included sports facilities such as badminton and squash courts, as well as table tennis and pool tables would be ours to enjoy on the weekends. Besides this, we could continue to stay in shape at the temperature controlled pool, the fully air-conditioned gym, the hydro section, the jogging track, the aerobics centre as well as at the yoga and meditation hall. My wife, a self-confessed health-nut, nearly did a cartwheel when she found out! No longer would she have to get a gym membership and such. Besides this, we could also relax at the welcoming confines at these apartments for sale in Hebbal, that included a shaded walkway, seating enclosures, a leisure pavilion, an acupressure walkway, a terrace garden, a coffee shop, party lawns, a home theatre system, as well as a pool-view lounge and a bar counter.

That aside, the living areas at the property were well-designed and spacious not to mention luxurious and well-thought out too. What’s more, the property also provided plenty of eco-friendly measures. This re-proved to us that the property was indeed future proof, and was the right choice for us. Life would definitely come full circle at the property, and we just couldn’t wait to move in here! Now, you too could own one of these fabulous flats for sale in Hebbal, Bangalore, log on to for more information.