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- Interruptions To Library Lessons

- Reporting Concerns

- SRC Fundraiser for Term 1 - REPEAT

- Second Hand Uniform Sale - REPEAT

- Hot Cross Buns Band Concert - REPEAT

- Premier's Reading Challenge - REPEAT

- Dance News - REPEAT

- Working Bee - Save the date! - REPEAT

- Performing Arts Rehearsal Reminders - REPEAT

- P&C News

It has only been a short week this week but a very busy one indeed! The students looked fantastic dressed in orange to celebrate Harmony Day on Monday. Classes participated in lessons and activities that allowed them to share in the many cultures that we have within our school.

We heard from lots of talented public speakers in the Stages 2 & 3 Public Speaking Competition on Wednesday, including the winners of our Stage 1 competition that was held last week. Public speaking is a difficult skill to master, particularly when delivering impromptus. The adjudicators had some difficult decisions to make as all candidates were excellent. Congratulations to all students who competed.

Yesterday's Easter Hat Parade at the Preschool was full of smiles and decorated hats, and I'm sure today's parade with the K-6 classes will be much the same.

Thank you to all families who donated Easter Eggs for our raffle. Many thanks also to Mrs Bragg, Mrs Prentis, Kylie Jordan, Sharon Huckle and Carla Kazzi for wrapping all of the prizes. Without the contributions of parents like these, our school would not be able to celebrate the many events each year.

I would like to wish everyone a very happy Easter and hope you enjoy an extra long weekend.

Interruptions To Library Lessons

The upgrading of the library computer system is almost complete. This week there have been some interruptions to library lessons and they will continue for a day or two after Easter. Thank you for your patience.

Carol Macdonald

Reporting Concerns

At times throughout the year, conflict may arise between children. There are many reasons why this can occur. Please encourage your child to report incidents to the teacher when they happen so that the matter can be resolved in a timely manner. Alternatively, parents may need to inform their class teacher if their child reports something about which they are worried. Please do not attempt to deal with an issue by speaking to someone else’s child. Often conflicts can be worked out between the children with a little help from a teacher.

SRC Fundraiser for Term 1 - REPEAT

After several discussions, the SRC have decided to have a Gold Coin Donation fundraiser to help children in need.

As most children take comfort in a soft toy, the SRC thought it would be a nice idea to bring your favourite teddy bear/soft toy to school for the day, with the donation of a gold coin. This event will take place on Thursday 7th April.

Second Hand Uniform Sale - REPEAT

The P&C will be holding a Second Hand Uniform Sale on Friday 1st April. All uniform items will be sold for $2 each. The stall will be held under the Basement COLA between 2:30 - 3:30pm. It is a great opportunity for you to stock up on some uniform items at a great price. If you have old uniforms you would like to donate, please leave them in the office foyer. Please also remember to label all items of clothing.

Hot Cross Buns Band Concert - REPEAT

The annual Hot Cross Buns Band Concert will be held from 8:00am on the last Tuesday of term (5th April). Everyone is welcome to come and listen to the school band perform at their first concert for 2016. Hot cross buns will also be served for breakfast.

Premier's Reading Challenge - REPEAT

Banksmeadow Public School is again participating in the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge. To register, go to the NSW Premier’s Reading Challenge website and log on using your child's DoE username and password. This is the same one they use at school.

On the website you will find information about the challenge, including the rules. Please read these for your own information.

PRC books will be read in library time each week to children in K, 1 & 2 and will be entered for them. If you wish to enter any books that you read to your child at home, you can do so on the NSW Premier’s Challenge website. K- 2 children need to have 30 PRC books entered by 19th August 2016 in order to receive their certificate at the end of the year.

Children in Years 3, 4, 5 & 6 should read their own books. They will need to enter

books by logging on to the NSW PRC website. They need to have read and entered 20 books by

19th August 2016 in order to receive their certificate at the end of the year. There are four

computers in the library that can be used to log their books at lunch time if necessary.

Happy reading!

Carol Macdonald

Teacher Librarian

Dance News - REPEAT
The Junior and Senior dance groups are preparing their performances for the mid year shows. The Seniors will be videoing their DVD auditon for the Sydney Dance Festival at the Seymour Centre next Tuesday. If any dancer will not be at school on that day, please let Mrs Bragg know in writing.

The Juniors are preparing for their performance at Showcase@ the Juniors in August.
Term One lesson fees for the dance groups are now due at the school office. Every child must have their costume fee of $35 paid to the school office by the end of term, as Mrs Bragg will be purchasing material in the school holidays.

Working Bee – Save the Date - REPEAT

A school Working Bee has been scheduled for Sunday 1st May from about 12pm. The aim of this Working Bee is to tidy up and weed some of the gardens within our school. By doing a thorough job on this day, it will make the areas more manageable for the future. We would love as many volunteers as possible…all gardening skill levels welcome! Please put the date in your diary and come along on the day to join our community. We are also looking for donations of a variety of plants. If you are able to assist in this area, please see Ms Hoskins or Mrs Twitchings. More information and confirmation of times will be published closer to the date.

Performing Arts Rehearsal Reminders – REPEAT

Please ensure your child is aware of the days and times they will need to attend rehearsal:

Hippopotamus Choir - Monday @ lunchtime

Band - Tuesday @ 8:00am in the Band room

Junior Dance - Tuesday @ 8:10am. Wear dance attire or comfortable clothing

Senior Dance - Tuesday @ lunchtime. Wear dance attire or comfortable clothing

Senior Guitar - Tuesday @ lunchtime

Band tutorials - Wednesday

Senior Art Club - Wednesday @ lunchtime

Junior Guitar - Thursday @ lunchtime

PSSA training - Friday @ 8:15am

Junior Art Club - Friday @ lunchtime


P&C Email


Please send us your email address if you would like to be on the P&C circulation list.

Next P&C Meeting

Monday 2nd May, 7pm in 6M demountable classroom. Everyone welcome!

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Monday 28th March


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Friday 1st April

Second Hand Uniform Sale @ 2:30pm under the Basement COLA


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Hot Cross Bun Breakfast and Band Performance

Wednesday 6th April

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Friday 9th April

Last day of Term 1

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