A person with the most opinions ever!!!!!!

Why is Socrates important

Socrates never agreed with anyone. And Socrates was a teacher and later the way he taught his students grew to be a method that teachers use today called the Socratic method

What did he do to contribute to society?

He taught people that what you believe is your opinion and it matters more than anything

How did it contribute to society

One of Socrates students grew up to be a famous author and in more than 20 books of his.

Witch became to be a method we use

6 interesting facts

1: You could find Socrates arguing with some one on the street

2: Socrates was put on trail for corrupting a young.

3: He was offered freedom if he stopped questioning people and he said no.

4: He died by drinking poison.

5: Socrates was born near a city called Athens

6: He was born on 470 BCE