The Carolina Colonies

Alex Thompson

Why you should move!

To start off you should move here because you can become rich here in days! (sort of) Basically their are trade routes you can to trade your goods to other colonies and etc.

Another reason to move here is because the cape fear river is amazing to see and also it provides us with the freshest water. Also here is some of the things we eat. Deer, wild turkey, fowls, salmon, trout and spackrill. Another reason is the plants here are so unique. We have lime trees, cotton wood, tobacco which makes most of our money and other fruit crops. And here is the best part. The CLIMATE is so great winters aren't to cold and summers aren't to hot and they provide the perfect temperature to grow crops and plants.

The Bad Stuff

And here is the very bad things we don't like to tell you. Our area isn't the cleanest so there are some diseases and illnesses that spread around here so be prepared. Also there is some disputes and issues over land and there is excess population. And there is disputes over the cape fear river and trade routes. Also some of the animals we eat carry diseases so watch out for that. And some plants cant be grown on our plantation so you will have to plant them somewhere else. And our weather is inconsistent and the humid weather can spread diseases