Local News Update

Afghan and Iraq


Currently in Iraq due to bad weather they cut oil exports. Iraq exports the bulk of its crude from the southern ports at the gulf and bad weather and technical issues have made it difficult for the OPEC member to keep shipments steady.

Also in Iraq the country is dealing with US,Israel. They are trying to basically get Iraq people mad at each other and start a war in their country. They are saying bad stuff and getting all of them mad.

More than 30 people died in a suicide attack and other bombings in Northern Iraq and Baghdad on Wednesday, depending sectarian strife in the OPEC nation as prime minister Nuri al-maliki faces mounting pressure from minority Sunnis and Kurds.


Afghanistan is improving in many ways. Afghanistan's demographics have changed in significant ways over the past decade, rather than being mired in a perpetual feudal twilight. Afghanistan is becoming more a modern country. The most obvious change is in urbanization. Close to half the population now lives in cities and towns. Kabul is a city of 5 million people, and the populations of Herat, Jalahad, and Kandahar have all tripled in the past decade. Only 18 percent f the population has access to reliable electrical power, but that has tripled since a decade ago. Afghanistan has a free and independent media,producing everything from an Afghan knockoff to American Idol to situation comedies, to versions of Sesame Street dubbed into Dari and Pashto.

Also in news Afghanistan children succumb to harsh winter weather. A father of a child had lost his child due to the cold. The camp where the man had lived, last year they had lost 100 children because of the cold weather. Since then Afghanistan has received $58 bn in aid over the past 10, and at least $3.5 bm of which was in humanitarian aid. The most vulnerable Afghan citizens are living on the edge of survival, because of the threatening lack of heat and food.

In other news Afghan President Hamid Karzai said that his recent meeting with US President Obama gave him nearly everything his country had been hoping for.