Pediatrician Career

By: Laura Lopez

About a Pediatrician

A pediatrician is a doctor for kids. They take care of small injuries that don't involve surgery or transplants, nothing like that. Pediatricians help prevent diseases and injuries. This job grows faster than average. The state with the most civilian jobs is Texas. The yearly pay is $154,650. A benefit of being a pediatrician is that I get to work with kids all day long. Another benefit is that I get to help lives every day and prevent them from injuries or diseases. Lastly of course the money is a benefit but that's not the most important thing, you have to enjoy the job, which I do. The most common level of education is a doctoral degree.

Education Needed

  1. School Name: Baylor
    1. Annual cost (the annual cost is all of the following added up. Once you find the following you add them together for the yearly cost):

      1. Tuition - $34,480 per academic year

      2. Books - $1,250

      3. Housing - $6,500

      4. Meal plan/board - $4,208

      5. Total cost - $46,438

    2. What financial aid is offered? Yes or no; what kind of each?

      1. Loans - yes

      2. Scholarships – yes; there is a president’s Gold= $10,500-20,000

        Provost’s Gold= $8,500-$14,000

        Dean’s Gold= $5,000-12,000

      3. Work Study - yes

      4. Exemptions - no

    3. Admission requirements: yes or no; score/fee;

      1. Application-yes-$50.00

      2. SAT and/or ACT score – SAT=1130-1300 (1242); ACT=24-29(27)

      3. High school GPA-yes, at least 3.0

      4. AP courses-They take a look at it but is not required

      5. Essay-yes

  1. School Name: LSU
    1. Annual cost:$37,327

      1. Tuition-

      2. Books-$26,411^^(tuition and fees)

      3. Housing-

      4. Meal plan-$10,916^^(housing and meal plan)

    2. What financial aid is offered? Yes or no; what kind of each?

      1. Loans-yes, federal and private loans

      2. Scholarships-yes: Tiger Excellence :$7,600/year

        LSU Academic: $15,500/year

        Flagship: $20,500/year

      3. Work Study-yes

      4. Exemptions-yes, hardship exemptions

    1. Admission requirements: yes or no; score/fee

      1. Application-yes, $40

      2. SAT and/or ACT score-SAT-1030/ACT-22

      3. High school GPA-3.00

      4. AP courses-will be looked at but not mandatory

      5. Essay-no

  1. School Name: TCU
    1. Annual cost:$50,940

      1. Tuition-$38,510

      2. Books-$1,050

      3. Housing-$6,900

      4. Meal plan-$4,480

    2. What financial aid is offered? Yes or no; what kind of each?

      1. Loans-yes(educational)

      2. Scholarships-yes there is-Deans= $18,000/year

        Faculty= $12,000/year

        TCU= $10,000/year

        Founders= $6,000/year

      3. Work Study-yes

      4. Exemptions-no

    3. Admission requirements: yes or no; score/fee

      1. Application-yes/$40(non-refundable)

      2. SAT and/or ACT score-not a certain score

      3. High school GPA-no

      4. AP courses-no

Essay-yes(only need to submit one)