Lemmy's 2nd Birthday Party!

I'm two! I'm big boy!

Lemuel Miles Martin will turn two on August 3, 2013

Help us celebrate with dinner, cake, ice cream, and swimming! We'll be partying in the Old Town Community Building so that everyone can be in the same room at the same time. It's easy to pop out the door and into the pool anytime you want so dress for comfort and swimming.

Lemmy's Big Boy Birthday Bash

Saturday, Aug. 3rd, 5pm

1801 Coronado Hills Dr

Austin, TX

This is the address of the community building. It has a biggish parking lot out front with room for everyone.

Since I turned one I started...

  • going to school at Woodland Montessori where I like to lay on the ground tickling myself until I get attention
  • giving leg hugs
  • trying to feed my stuffed kangaroo
  • developing strong literary tastes (flip books yay, Boynton books no)
  • attempting to put on my shoes, but mainly the shoes of others
  • branching out in the TV department (maybe that Mickey Mouse is alright)

The Hi-Yahs

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - HOT DOG (The Hi-Yahs Remix) by The Hi-Yahs

Gift ideas

Lemmy isn't old enough to be covetous, but here are some gift ideas if you're stuck.