Hurricanes are "hot" 😍

by Kazhal & Esperanza

Explain the temperature in the line plot after the hurricane past .

The temperature changes on the 25-26 to 24° c and it also begins to become warmer and ends with 26°c on October 30th

How long did it take for the STT to turn back to its previous temperature?

after the storm it dose not go back to its regular temperature but it dose get warmer with the range of a month .

Is there evidence of a change in sea surface temperature (SST) in the data maps?

Yes , there is definitely a change in the sea temperatures . On September 20,2005 was ranging from 29.2 - 29.6 . Bringing the water temperatures into the warmer side . On September 22, 2005 the water degree was varying from 28.6 - 29.6-8 . A whole .2 degrees more than the day just before . On September 24, 2005 just 2 days from the past recording of temperature the hurricane reaches land . The temperature ? Between 29.2-30, reaching the highest it has been through the whole storm . On the 27th, of September 2005 Hurricane Rita finally ends . She leaves the water around 29.2- 30 .Strangely around her starting and ending tempature

What other affects on SST may be occurring ???

It affects the climate with its drastic changes making the climate colder

Why are hurricanes hotter than you ????