Doug Kasza

What does a Civil Engineer do?

Civil engineers design and supervise large construction projects, including roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and systems for water supply and sewage treatment ("Bureau of Labor Statistics").

Job Details

Civil Engineers work place is often in an office but they are also higher-ed as managers of large projects at construction sights such as bridges, roads, damns, ect. Civil Engineers often start at 70-80 thousand a year, this is all after finishing a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering and if he or she desires further schooling into a more specialized area of Civil Engineering.

Skills and Growth

Being a Civil Engineer isnt a walk in the park. To be good at your job you must have complex problem solving skills, leader ship skills, math skills, and decision making skills. All of these things will help you be a good Civil Engineer. The demand for Civil Engineers is projected to be a 19% growth rate over the span of 10 years from 2010-2020. This is do to the fact that Civil Engineers will always be needed, because we will always need new roads or bridges, damns and buildings.