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The Future is Now

Introducing the Zoom F320

Everyone is going to want to hear about this! The car which will turn heads and be the talk of the town in no time. You need to get your hands on one of these, with new sophisticated technology. The future is now. What is this? You may ask, well we are here to introduce the one and only, all new, Zoom F320.

New and Improved Aesthetic Features

The Zoom F320 has smooth leather seats and seat warmers to keep you warm in the winter. Also with a reverse camera and sensor you don't have to worry about checking the review mirrors twice. It is incredibly fuel efficient and has its own unique style. You have not seen anything like this before! You don't need a key to start the ignition, you can just press a button and that will do the job. The Zoom F320 comes in all colours, this offer is too good to turn down!


When the car is stationary, the forces acting on a vehicle are reactive forces and weight. The forces on a stationary car are balanced due to the car not moving and only being in one position. When a car is accelerating the forces acting are thrust, drag and a reactive force, this is an unbalanced force due to the car moving. When a car is travelling at a constant speed the forces acted upon it are, thrust, drag and a reactive force, this is an unbalanced force due to the car being in movement at a constant speed.

Newtons laws of motion are very important in the designing of cars. Newtons three laws of motion are, The law of inertia, F=MA and for every action there is an opposite reaction.These laws are important because they make the motion of thrust and drag. For example a car stops suddenly, the force is unbalanced because the thrust and drag are unequal also the road and the wheel are pushing towards each other which creates a gravitational force.

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Safety Features

The safety features on the Zoom F320 include, efficient breaks to prevent accidents, seatbelts to restrain passengers from flying out of the car, air bags to stop passengers from hitting onto the dashboard or steering wheel and being dramatically injured, shatter proof windscreen to prevent any breakage to the window and cuts to the passengers and head restraints to protect the back of the passengers head and neck if an accident was to occur.
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And There You Have It

And there you have it, the all new Zoom F320, safe and efficient for anything, anywhere. With one click of a button your off exploring in your brand new Zoom F320. Don't hesitate and go get yourself one of there today. With a variety of colours to choose from, you can't go wrong with the Zoom F320!