Akee Weathersby February 9th, 2013

Is Hydrogen renewable or non renewable?

Hydrogen *can be* renewable if you use a renewable energy source (like solar, wind, etc.) to power the electrolysis process to separate the hydrogen atoms in water molecules.

However, currently 96% of our hydrogen comes from fossil fuels, and much of our electricity comes from non-renewable sources (i.e. coal).
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Where Hydrogen is located on earth

Hydrogen is most located in the ocean in H2o

Who uses Hydrogen?

We uses hydrogen for our car if we want.The military uses Hyrdogen for their vehicles like tanks and humvees. The NASA uses hydrogen for thier rockets for more power.
Hydrogen Energy California (HECA)

How does Hydrogen work?

Electricity generated from solar power is used to split water into hydrogen and oxygen. Oxygen is released into the atmosphere. Hydrogen is released from the h20 and is captued by solar power.

How expensive is hydrogen?

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