Falling Off the Comedy Ladder

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12th Night

12th Night one of Shakespeare's many comedies. 12th Night is the story of a girl, Viola, whose ship crashes and washes ashore. She quickly learns that to find work she must disguise herself as a man to find work.
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Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing is another prime example of Shakespeare's comedies. It is about all the mixed emotions from a month long visit of Don Pedro and his entourage to the house of Leonato.
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Low Comedy

Both Much Ado About Nothing and 12th Night have plenty of examples of low comedy. In Much Ado About Nothing low comedy can be seen in scenes such as the ball when Sir Benedick was speaking in an outrageous accent. In 12th Night an examples of low comedy would be, when in scene 7 Sir Toby saying "Malvolio's a peg-a-ramsey-", an example of low comedy with name calling.


Farce comedy can be seen through, the characters reactions to their situations. In Much Ado About Nothing and 12th Night through the actions of Beatrice and Sir Benedick when the rest of the gentlemen and ladies try to make them get together. In 12th Night this is present when Olivia had to be disguised as a man and the expierences she has in disguise.

Comedy of Manner

It is believed that both Much Ado About Nothing and Twelfth Night comedy of manner plays. In Much Ado About Nothing it is present when Dogberry is appalled by being called an ass, yet wittingly admits to being an ass. An example from Twelfth Night can be found in scene 12 when Olivia is making fun of Malvolio for wearing tight yellow stockings.

Comedy of Ideas

Comedy of ideas is present in both Much Ado About Nothing and Twelfth Night. In Much Ado About Nothing, an example of comedy of ideas is present when Claudio actually believes Hero cheated on him. In Twelfth Night, comedy of ideas is present when Orcino says a man's hearts can love more than a woman's heart.