organic food? Say Yes!

To eat, or not to eat? THAT is the question.

Organic food, better than any other "foods"!

Organic food has been an ongoing question for all of us. But now it is time to stop this questionnaire and prove that organic food is truly better than other food products!

1. The environment and us, both benefits from organic food!

Organic foods are generally better for the earth since it doesn't involve (mostly) any chemicals such as pesticides, which pollutes the earth. It's a win-win for us humans and for the environment!

2. No added Chemicals!

Organic food, even as they are expensive, they still have reasons why. That is because it doesn't include any bad chemicals for your body that all other "foods" have that we don't know! So it's better for us to eat organic foods than worry about the foods that we usually eat. Organic Federation of Australia claim that most chemicals have not been tested for safety!!!

6. They're not genetically modified!

Do you guys really want a genetically modified food? Do you guys really want a food that was created by cross redding experiments? No, right? I mean who wants a food which was created by dead animal and all those disgusting stuff?

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Organic food, because you're worth it!