Superintendent's Corner

Bernard F. Bragen Jr. February 2016

Mid Year Reflections

As the second marking period draws to a close and our first snow day is in the books, it is time to assess our progress in a few areas at the midway point in our year. Our multigrade 3/4 classroom has turned out to be a huge success and we are grateful for all the efforts of the teacher, paraprofessional, principal and students that make this program such a success. As a result, we are seeking to expand the program to all our elementary schools and both Cove Road and Beers Street schools for the 2016-2017 school year.

Another highlighted success can be found in our 1:1 Chromebook initiative at Raritan High School, where each teacher and student was provided a Chromebook to use as a learning platform. This has directly impacted how our high school students learn and has allowed for the learning to not be tied to the bounds of our school day. We are so proud of how the high school staff has embraced this paradigm instructional shift and leveraged the learning to meet our students' needs.

These are only two examples of successes thus far, more to come...

School Happenings