Welcome to Madrid!

Madrid, Spain


This romantic trip is for a couple either on a honeymoon or just looking for a get away. It will take place from July seventh to July fourteenth~a week in the paradise of Madrid, Spain. There you will participate in several exciting tours and activities, eat exceptional food, and experience the culture and beauty of this rustic city!


Travel Information

The non-stop flight leaves from JFK airport in New York City and will cost $1,651.72 both ways. To travel you will need to pack about seven days of clothes including extra things like bathing suits. Make sure to bring you passport as well as other travel documents (because you will be traveling to another country) and convert all of the U.S. dollars you plan to bring into Euros, the money system there. Helpful tip: 1 U.S. dollar = .87 Euros
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You will be staying in a 5-star hotel in the heart of Madrid called Melia Madrid Princesa. It is all inclusive and allows for unlimited food, drinks, and pool access. You can also work out at the gym and eat at the several restaurants the hotel houses


Devour Madrid Food Tours

Parque de Attractiones de Madrid

Tour/Visit Bernabeu Stadium

Prado Museum

Walk around the city and visit historical sites like Palacio Real and Plaza Mayor

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Miguel Rosario

Miguel Rosario is one of the most experienced bilingual tour guides in Madrid. He has been a guide for just over fifteen years and knows the best places to shop, eat and stay.


You will be eating at multiple restaurants over the course of your trip:

Santceloni~Choose from dozens of freshly prepared dishes such as ravioli de ricotta and salmonete.

Viridiana~Famous for their pulpo con salsa de ajies and pastela morita perfumada y cujienete.

La Tragantua Restaurant~ Delicious variety with dishes such as risotto with truffle mushrooms and chicken with almonds.

We will also be eating lots of food on our food tours.

Why choose our itinerary?

Our itinerary is better than others because our schedule gives precise information as to where we are going and what we are doing everyday. Also, the schedule gives all of the costs and locations of the places we were planning on visiting

Connecting with locals

While in Spain you will be interactng with the locals of the city. You will do so through the many exciting activities and restaurants you visit. To ensure that you can communicate with them, carry a pocket-sized Spanish-English dictionary