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A Cimarron Middle School Community Communication

A Message from the Cimarron Leadership Team

Cimarron community,

As we look forward to the coming week, we are very excited to welcome students back into the building! The following items on this communication will help clarify the details of the synchronous hybrid model, please go over these details with your child before they return on Monday or Tuesday.

Thank you!

- CiMS Leadership Team

Friday Virtual Schedule - Starting Friday, 2/26

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Student Survey

Students of the Douglas County School District - Attached is a survey from the DCSD Student Advisory Group asking what learning model you prefer (remote vs. hybrid/in-person). Although you may be receiving or filling out the survey after a decision has been made by the school board, we ask you to answer simply based on your preference. Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey. It is extremely important that your voice is heard!

Student Illness and Attendance

As we return to the in-person school setting, we are asking for your help managing your student’s attendance. If your student will be absent from school due to symptoms of illness, pending test, or an exposure concern, please complete the health questionnaire via the link on Cimarron’s home page or QR code. This information will be used to help in assessing your student’s absence and how long they may need to be out of the building. School staff or our School Nurse will contact you for more information as needed.

Thank you for partnering with us to provide a healthy and safe school environment.

More information is available:

Link: DCSD Road to Return

Link: Tri-County Health Department

Link: CIMS Student Illness Screening Form

SCSS Survey

Students will be completing the Safe Community Safe Schools survey through one of their classes during the first few weeks of March this year. This data provides important insight into how we can best maintain a safe environment at Cimarron, parents have the ability to opt out if they choose to.

Further details about the survey including the opt out policy can be viewed using this link.


Dear CIMS Parent Community,

We are in the planning stages of putting in batting cages on our Cimarron Middle School property and are looking for anyone who is willing to donate some time & expertise with this project. We are looking for a licensed/insured contractor who has the skills & knowledge to help install batting cages. We will be looking at renting out these batting cages as a way to generate some revenue for the school.

If anyone is interested, or knows someone who might be interested in helping us with this project, please contact Mr. Zimmerman ( or Mr. Wilson (

Additional Note: Due to CHSAA guidelines, exposure requires a 14 day quarantine from athletic programs.

No Place For Hate

Please read the attached letter, describing the No Place For Hate program which is in it's second year at Cimarron.

Counseling Department

How to Help Teens Feel Less Lonely During the Coronavirus Pandemic;

In this article, you can find Tips for parents and teens to increase connection during a time of social isolation.

Parent Resources;

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