Salto del Angel

The most important waterfall


Is located in Venezuela, in the city of Bolivar, specifically in the tourist zone of Cainama (Cainama National Park).

"El Salto del Angel" is the most imponent in the world with 979 mts.


In Santa Elena de Uairén, Guayana City and Bolívar City there are two touristic companies, which held land, water and air trips ( in planes or helicopters), for admiring the Angel Fall and other wáter falls. The land and water trips begin at Canaima and lasts 13 hours. The average temperatura are 21°c and 10°C.


The hotels near to the Salto del Angel are in Cainama.

Campamento Waku Lodge

Campamento Cainama Venetur

Campamento Tapuy Lodge

Campamento Kavak

Travel to Venezuela

From Arturo Merino Benitez to Bolivar Airport in Venezuela the cost of the ticket is around USD 1000
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