What's Happening

Week of the 14th


Monday, January 14th

District FAST assessment window opens

7:45 Follow up with CBT

9:00 Progress meeting for ALT school

12:00 Classroom

1:05 Fire Drill

1:30 ALT school meeting

2:40 Customer Service Training Office Staff

2:50-4:20 PLCs and PD

4:00 Doctor Appt for Husband

Tuesday, January 15th

Teacher Work Day/Report Cards Due

1:00 Meet with CBT

Wednesday, January 16th

8:00 CARE/TIER 2 meeting

8:30 AEA Hearing retesting

8:45 Parent meeting for 4th grade student

1:00-3:30 Principal Meeting

2:30 Biometric Screening make ups at Riverside

Thursday, January 17th

Report Cards go home

7:45 Blood Draw

8:00 Sped Team-F2/F3

9:45 Classroom

11:30 ELPA 21 Building Plan Meeting

1:30 Parent Meeting

Friday, January 18th

8:00 Safety Committee meeting

9:35 Classrooms

11:00 Meeting with Heidi Anthony

1:40 Classroom

**Reminder that your RAPID Assessment Window is still open until Feb. 1 as well. It opened on December 3rd.

A few miscellaneous items:

Teacher of the Year--- as we discussed at PD last Monday, any nominations for Teacher of the Year should be turned in to me. The deadline for this submission is end of the day, Monday, February 4th. From there, a subsection of the BLT will make the final selection.

Rip Roaring Roadrunners--Please keep your eye out for our Roadrunners that are doing great things! Please fill out a Positive Referral Form that can be found on the bookshelf by the copy machine. I want to recognize our students who are going above and beyond and those that are working hard.

Report Cards-- Remember that report cards are due to me by end of day Tuesday. I will only have two days to go through all of them prior to approving them for printing. They go home to families on Thursday. If you have special circumstances please let me know. This also means that I need to read IEP progress reports by then as well.


Jan. 14 District FAST window opens (This is a correction from my last newsletter!)

Jan. 15 Teacher work day

Week of Jan. 28 Sail Arounds

Jan. 29 Light Up the Gym Night 5:30--we will need volunteers to help with this. Please let me know if you are able to volunteer to help.

Feb. 5 5:30-6:30 PTO meeting

Feb. 7 3:45 Kindness Club meets

Feb. 15 2:30 Valentine's Day parties

Feb. 25 Conferences

Feb. 26 Conferences

Mar. 1 Conference Exchange Day