Patrick Hickey

the master of music

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The Magic Stick of wood that makes a noise

This magic stick of wood is my pride and joy and it is something that I will always hold dear to me.
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This picture expresses how goofy I am and how much I enjoyed Disney world
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Ohh my gosh, It's A Bear!!

For everyone who is so cold during the winter season, I recommend a forty-pound bearskin coat to comfort you, along with the cowboy hat for good measure.
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It's the Brady Bunch!, no, just kidding, it is my family

My family, no matter how much they get on my nerves helps me with any of my endeavors and is always there for me.
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Drama Club, back in high school was one of the best clubs I have ever joined. Oh, Professor Joss, I had my duck this time; this was two out of the three performances that I did not lose theo's duck. So be proud lol
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My Girlfriend, Nicole

This is my wacky, but yet amazing girlfriend, Nicole. and Heads up, she plays the clarinet, just like me. And I have been helping her in developing tonality and technique, so she can become a better musician.