When are my Books Due?

sign up for remind.com

How will I remember to return or renew my library books on time?

  • Simply follow the steps below to sign up for remind.com, and I will send you either a text message or email (your choice) the day before your library child's day.
  • If you signed up last year, your information is no longer in the system. Please sign up AGAIN.

To sign up for remind.com, please follow these easy steps.

1.If you want to receive email notifications or text messages, go to remind.com/join.

You will be asked to enter a class code (as shown below)

2.Find your child's teacher's name and enter their class code:

  • Red day: Cassidy, Millican, McSpadden, Benoit, Torres, Brouillette - code is: @k8dh6e
  • Orange day: Connelly, Kennedy, Keilberg, Levy, Mitchell, Herbor - code is: @k78akb
  • Yellow day: Ely, Gower, Connor, Ritzema, Rojas, Martinez - code is: @b833bd
  • Green day: Wade, Partridge, Gros, Zerrillo, Minjarez, DuBois - code is: @4d2bc4
  • Blue day: Collier, Braun, Freeze, Scott, Averitt, McKinley - code is: @c87cc9c
  • Purple day: Schwarz, Timberlake, Smithey, McWilliams, Taylor, Guy - code is: @6d7e7d
  • *Ms. Hoffart's students will be split among the other 3rd grade classes. Please ask your child what color day s/he has library, or with whose class s/he goes to specials.

3. You will be asked to enter your email address or your cell phone number (whichever

you choose).

Make your life easier!