Yoga Yoga....

.... jungle style!

It's raining cat, dog and monkey "asanas!"

During our yoga classes, students will imitate animal poses to develop basic techniques of relaxation, visualization, stress management and overall well being.

The physical areas our yoga classes will develop include flexibility, strength, stamina, self-discipline, concentration and coordination. Students will be encouraged to use their imagination to gain anatomical knowledge as their animal 'asanas' become second nature.

After backward bends and quirky contortions our Yoga apprentices should sleep like angels.

Tuesday, Feb. 2nd, 2pm to Tuesday, March 22nd, 2pm

41 Sunset Way

Who: Enrichment - Grade 3

Cost: $200 (7 sessions)

Bring: Yoga mat, towel, water bottle and comfortable attire

Minimum: 6 students

Maximum: 10 students