museo de medellin: Introduction to the nicest art of Fernando Botero.
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telesferico de medellin

enjoy of the view most beautiful of medellin.

Parque nacional Los Katíos

is a park created to preserve the nature bigest to do activities recreational.
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pueblito paisa

is a town typical of antioquia where there are restaurants and crafts, the most important an place with good view of all the city.
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mondongo: this is a typical dish of medellin which is prepared with leg of bork.

gelatina de pata: this is a dessert what is cook in a pot to pressure which is prepared with milk.

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important people

juanes this is a singer who wined several awards grammy.
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hotel intercontinental

this is hotel where you can rest. you can sleep.

you have go down and go straight and turn left and to get the castropol.

you have go straight one block turn up go straight one block and turn right and to get the Hotel TRYP medellin.