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Look what's new with STEM & College and Career Readiness!

What's New in 2015-2016: STEM Elective for ALL 8th Grade Students!

Our department is excited to announce new elective course changes for the 2015-2016 school year. We have developed a brand new STEM elective for all 8th grade students. During the course of this 18-week exploratory elective, students will learn to "think like an engineer" as they build EV3 Lego Robotic Mars rovers, learn to code and develop critical thinking skills. Additionally, they will learn about various STEM & engineering related career fields.

What's New in 2015-2016: College & Career Exploration Extra Pay For Extra Duty Positions!

Also starting in 2015-2016, we have received approval to offer 8 new CCR extra pay for extra duty positions ( one for each middle & K-8) to begin working with 7th and 8th grade students in the area of college & career readiness. This new stipend will allow us to have a CCR coordinator at each campus to help:

  • Help to coordinate and administer career interest surveys
  • Organize college experience field trips
  • Coordinate West-MEC CTE field trips
  • Collaborate to design parent CCR workshops and coffee-talks
  • Brainstorm and initiate campus-wide CCR activities ( i.e. college t-shirt days)

**Principals, please beginning talking about this wonderful opportunity to your staff ASAP as we will be sending out a brief application to you in early July. We want candidates that are energetic, dedicated, innovative and passionate about helping our students get prepared for their future careers.

Still have questions? Contact the STEM & PLC Department, Educational Services Dept.