Chinese New Year


What is Chinese New Year about?

Chinese New Years history and what its about

  • The first holiday ever created
  • The calendar was made in 2637 B.C.
  • It starts anywhere between January 21 and February 20
  • It lasts 1 month
  • wearing red brings good luck

How do people celebrate Chinese New Year

How people celebrate Chinese New Year

  • Children bow to elder to wish them a long life
  • Family gives children red envelopes to wish them luck and wealth
  • People set the table for missing family members
  • In the festival everyone dances with a colorful lion and dragon
  • The lantern festival is where everyone hangs up lanterns on their house

What food and symbols are associated with Chinese New Year

Foods and symbols associated with Chinese New Year

  • Almost all food is either boiled or steamed
  • The rice cake is the main food (cake of the year)
  • Chicken soup with egg dumplings is called Broth of Prosperity
  • dumplings are filled with meat and cabbage
  • Some symbols are the lion dragon, and much more