12 Types of Genres you need to know about


Fantasy is a great genre where supernatural beginings, witches and fairies, mermiads, dragons too. There a great type of books to read if you want to read fiction that has talking animals and imaginary worlds. If you want toread some of these books, read Harry Potter series, The Hobbit. If you want to know more, look at the websites below.


Adventure is atype of genre is a fast-paced kind of book. It's like a superhero book wherethere is alot of action or like you'r the choosen one and you must go to Mt. Everist and find aring that can save the world, but any ways you get what I mean by that. Adventure is where you'r really caught into the book. If you want to know more look at the link below.


Humor is a type of genre where you laugh and enjoy it, lose track o time. Fiction full of jokes, fun, and luaghter. And it's also ment for entertainment,and excitement, but it could have all the genres together. Humor is a great wat to enjoy you're self.


A mystery is a genre that makes you think. It's like a crime scene, where you try to figure what happen and why. Mystery is also like a BIG hooker where it trys to catch you into the book. For example, someone killed the president and the police is going to figure it out. Link is below.


Awww! Romance it's a genre where you are emotional, satified, even peaceful. Sometimes t makes you sad but, you can feel thair emotionans. I bet you would love one after you read ONE!


Memoir is simalr to biograghy and autobiograpghy. But really a memior is a specific time in someone's life. For example thoughout the whole day, I finish my art project.

Science Fiction

Science Fiction is a fiction-base genre that relates to scienc and technology of the future. The plot of a science fiction book creates situations in both past and present. Science fiction books also have human elements, explaining how the effects of new discoveries, happenings, and scientific developments have on us in the futuristic times. Books of this genre is often set in the future, space, another dimension, or a very different universe. some great example of science fiction books are "The City of Ember" and the other books by Jeanne DuPrau, Ender's Game book series by Orson Scott Card, and lots more!

Realistic Fiction

Realistic fiction is the genre of the real world. The stories in this genre can possibily happen in real life because of it's real life charitarstics. Though all of the charaters and moments they are true to real lif, drawn from the writer's imagination. Depending on the time it was published, it would have those charaitic of that time, like todays world it would have Mac's, Cumputers, etc. in the present. Some good charastic of realistic fiction books are like the theme, which s like reflecting realistic human life experiences. Another good charaistic is that every thing should be realistic, unlike Fantasy. One of my favoite realistic fiction book is The Diary of th Wimpy Kid series by Jeff Kinney, or he Bid Nate series by Lincoln Peirce.

Historical Fiction

historical Fiction is a genre that takes place in the past but, it really didn't happen. for example, World War 2 and I was the duaghter, 18 years old, and he died in the war and ever since then I have taken over. And you know thats not real, so thats my little story. The link is below.


Thiller is a genre about something scary, terrifying, bloody, disgusting and most of the time, really horrible things happen to the main character. Is one of those books you shouldn't read before going to bed. For example, you move to a new house and you didn't know that you it's hunted and lots of bad things happen, like the lights flickers and you just put i the light bulb like 2 times. And you hee footsteps in the attic when even no one is up there. So ths my little story sorry if I scare you. If you want to know mre the links are below.


The autobiograpghy genre is about a person. It's written by the person' who it's about. It descibes the person and what thay feel at the moment of writing. The Dairy of Anne Frank is a good example of the autobiogapghy genre because she told her readers how se felt hen she was writting about what was going on in her life at the moment. It is a good kind of genre to read if you're looking to read about how someone else felt at a moment.


The biography genre is a bid mix of fiction and non-fiction. Just like any other genre, it describes a person's life of conflicts, sorrows, and awsome moments. Their lives often experience great achievements and rewards.