Paramedic ( BSP )

by; chaunte and priscilla

what is a paramedic?

A paramedic is are healthcare workers that help people in serious emergencies and saved the lives of many. Paramedics are part of EMS which stands for emergency medical services working mostly in ambulances.


the program we chose is in Humber college (North)

the high school courses needed to be excepted into this program is:

- Grade 12 English ( ENG4C OF ENG4U)

- Grade 11 or 12 biology (SBI3C , SBI3U OR SBI4U)

- Grade 11 or 12 chemistry ( SCH3U, SCH4C OR SCH4U)

- Grade and grade 12 math

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college courses ( first semester)

the courses that you are required to take in college in the first year are:

- Basic human anatomy

- an introduction to arts and sciences

- legal and professional issues

- paramedical science 1

- paramedical skills

- colleges reading and writing skills

courses (second semester)

the courses that you will have to take in second semester are:

- Field internship 1

- paramedical science 2

- paramedical skills 2

- basic human physiology

- applied phycology 1

- general elective


once you finish this program as a advanced emergency medical care assistant (A-EMCA) you will be qualified for jobs like an Ontario ambulance system, emergency response team, injury management services, advanced paramedical services and management.

From this class...

I can use the units we learned such as matter and qualitative analysis (nomenclature, chemical nomenclature, chemical reactions.) in the paramedical field to help determine chemicals that are being/ need to be used and to know how the elements and compounds will interact with one another.

Also the solution concentration unit can be used in the paramedical field.