By J.A Period 4

A drama is a story played within a live audience. Like the polt of a story the characters go through things like conflict. There are typs of Drama like tragedy dramas that have bad endings, comedy a play that ends happily, modern comedy like other comedys but are reversed like, and modern drama a mix of all the other plays mostly about the main characters issues. The performance of the play all is on the crew of the drama like actors and stage crew. The stage also comes in typs of forms like a thrust stage which is like a veiwing area, a round stage which has the people all around it, proscenium mostly like a stage. The stage can be set like in Real life forms or abstract with lighting to to help the mood. the costumes also can be very detailed or not and can have props. the characters have to have good typs of speach and last is that the audiance need to like it.