By: Max and Brady


Our problem was to build a contraption that can hold a raw egg so that the raw egg can withstand a fall from approximately.

What We Know About Fragile Items

We know that if you have a fragile item you can not drop it or else it will break. So from stopping it from breaking you will have to put as much padding as you can around as you can it so that if you do drop it you have a higher chance of it not getting broke than it it was not wrapped up.

Test Ideas

We tested our design by going up on the work labs and then we dropped it to see what kind of changes we need to do. There was a lot of changes in the begging but after we fix those we didn't have as many fixes we needed to do. Some of the fixes we need to do was try to make it go slower with the parachute,also we had to find and idea that will make the box close and make the egg from not moving around so when it lands it doesn't break. We fixed as those problem before the launch day.

What We Learned

We learned that when you have more open space in between the box and the parachute the box will go down faster that if the was no air going through it. We also learned that we are both good at working together getting things done on time and also we got the learn a little bit about each other through the process.