Summer Slim Down

Health Rally

Join Us For a Fun Health Rally

Do you want to be 30 lbs lighter by summer? Come learn how you can do it with your FREE Health Coach!

Summer Slim Down Health Rally

Thursday, May 2nd, 9am to Monday, July 1st, 11am

This is an online event.

OK everyone!! Share this with everyone you know who might appreciate some help and support with their health. The next 90 days will go by whether you like it or not... you might as well be changing your health for the better!
Fill out the form here ( to make an appointment with one of our Certified Health Coaches, within the next couple of days, so you will be ready to participate in the Summer Slim-Down beginning May 8!
We have 2 $100 health scholarships available for anyone who gets started BY SATURDAY!

Join us this SATURDAY for a low key health presentation and food tasting at the Jackson County Public Library in Medford, OR.

For more information please contact Mary @ 541-760-4804 or go to

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