Three, Four, and Five year olds

By, Joey, Katelyn, Casey, and Marshall

The Differences between three, four, and five year olds fine and gross motor skills.

Three-Year-Olds: Throwing, Jumping, and hopping skills improve as a result of better coordination. Children can climb and walk up stairs with alternating feet. Their catching abilities improve and they can eventually catch bouncing balls. They can cut paper but cannot cut along a line. They have also Learn how to draw basic shapes and enjoy tracing.

Four-Year-Olds: Can hop on one foot without falling, and can balance on one leg for around 10 seconds. They can walk backwards for four consecutive steps heel-to-toe. Throwing and catching also improve.

Five Year Olds: Learned how to skip and ride a bike with training wheels. They can also walk forward and backward on a balance beam. Can throw overhand and can direct a ball as they throw.

Self help skills

Three-Year-Olds: Can turn water faucets on and off. As a result they can also wash/dry there faces and brush their teeth. They can open buckles and put on shoes, but not tie them. Have trouble knowing the difference between the front and back of clothing.

Four Year Olds: Now know the difference between front and back of clothing, Can buckle belts and close zippers. Can cut food with a fork, and possibly even a knife.

Five-Year-Olds: Some can tie there shoes Also become more skilled at brushing their teeth and combing their hair.

Benefits of Socio-Dramatic Play

Socially: It teaches kids how to share and adjust to new people more easily.

Emotionally: It lets them go through, act and recognized different emotions.

Physically: They start to share ideas and then act out those ideas.

Intellectually: They begin to develop a sense of humor, and learn about the world around them.