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Mrs. Wallerstedt. 10/9/2020

No School Friday, October 9th Institute Day

No School Monday, October 12th Columbus Day

No School Tuesday, October 13th - School Improvement Day

1st - 5th Grade In-Person Hybrid Schedule

Park View Families -

If your child is in 1st thru 5th grades, you should have received an email from me earlier this week giving you additional information about your child(ren)'s return to school. The first day of in-person for 1st thru 5th grades begins on Thursday, October 15th, which means the L-Z (Thursday/Friday) group will start. I included a video tour in those emails, the links to the COVID Self Certification Verification forms, the Arrival/Dismissal procedures, and the Park View map for where each grade level/classroom enters and exits the building. It is most important that you submit your verification form so your child(ren) can attend in-person learning. For those families that have opted for remote only, you will continue to follow your schedule and the remote learning plan. Teachers will be simultaneously teaching both synchronous and asynchronous lessons with both remote and in-person students. This plan gives us the ability to shift to all remote if the state or region required us to quarantine. We hope that does not happen, but we must be able to continue learning in all circumstances.

Two points are important to understand as we move to the hybrid schedule: If a child is in person on Monday & Tuesday, they are engaged in remote learning on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. If a child is in person on Thursday & Friday, they are engaged in remote learning on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. In other words, students are engaged in school five days per week in a combination of in-person and remote - unless a parent opted for all remote. Kindergarten students are in person or remote four days per week because they attend half-day (AM/PM) sessions and they do all remote on Wednesdays only. This means kindergarteners are engaged in school five days per week. The second important understanding is all students K-5 need their devices to learn whether they are in-person at Park View or remote at home. So students must always bring their devices to school with them as long as they are district-issued devices. If you child is using a personal device for remote learning at home, we will provide one for them at school.

Here at Park View, we will follow those three W's: Wear Masks, Wash Hands, Watch Your Distance so we can continue our in-person learning while doing our best to avoid the spread. Please remember you can contact me anytime with questions or concerns that arise. All my information is included at the bottom of every newsletter. I'm looking forward to seeing our panthers come through our doors starting the 15th!!

Absent Reporting Information

With students now transitioning to hybrid learning, we know our families have questions about absence reporting. There are several scenarios below to clarify determining absences and calling in:

Your child has a mild sickness, meaning they are well enough to learn but unable to come onsite because of symptoms such as a runny nose, cough, etc. -

Call into the attendance line (#4041) to let us know your child will not be onsite, but they will be logging in remotely. Please do this each day in which your child will not be physically onsite.

Your child is in quarantine due to possible/confirmed exposure to COVID-19 but is well enough to learn -

Call into the attendance line (#4041) to let us know your child will not be onsite, but they will be logging in remotely. Please do this each day in which your child will not be physically onsite.

Your child is sick and cannot be onsite or login remotely.

Call into the attendance line (#4041). We have recently changed our voicemail to reflect specific information we need from you when reporting an absence, so please listen carefully and respond accordingly.

Last - If your child(ren) are not present for in-person and they do not participate in the remote learning/homework they will be marked absent so be sure they are either in person or participating in the remote learning.

How to access school day lunch menu for in-person learning

This menu is what will be served for lunch at Park View during the month of October. To access this menu during the school year, go to and click on the following sequence: Parents > Food Service Lunch Info > Sept/Oct Menus > Lunch. These menus are ONLY for the students who are in-person learning at Park View.

If you are picking up packaged breakfasts/Lunches for the week, here is the schedule for Park View.

Revised School Calendar for Hybrid/Remote Learning

There has been a small revision in the school calendar. We begin our Early Release Days after 1:30 pm so it does not interfere with students learning in the hybrid (in-person/remote) schedule. Kindergarten PM sessions instruct until 2:30 pm so this does not affect Kindergarten PM session either. I am linking the revised calendar here so you can refer to this updated calendar. Early Release Days do not affect the instructional day for our K-5 students.

PV Harvest

Thank you to Robin Augustine and all of the Park View families that helped out with our garden this year. I know I enjoyed the beauty and the cherry tomatoes throughout the summer months. Our Park View families took home 125 lbs. of fresh produce from the garden this year and Robin brought the additional produce to the Lombard Food Pantry. What a great way to give back to our own PV community and the Lombard community.

Park View Panthers!

I Promise To Learn - Be Ready

I Promise To Care About Myself And Others - Be Respectful!

I Promise To Do My Very Best - Be Responsible!